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History, Facts and Archives

 This section of the FROG website is to honor the founders of the Greenway and and the FROG Website. Their efforts and love for the Greenway project is a historic and protected part of this website . The writing in these articles reflects the care they feel for this effort. May they be continued contributors to the website.



            Original Board of Directors of Friends of the Greenway:

                                                    Hank Shuler, Chair

                                            Charles McLaughlin, Co-Chair

                                                      Kay Coriell, Secretary

                                            Richard D Heywood, Treasurer

                                                 Susan Burchins

                                                     Susan Ervin

                                                    Janet Greene

                                                     Stacy Guffey

                                                     Robert Hunt

                                                 Diana L. Kennedy

                                                        Sally Kesler

                                             Mary Alice McLaughlin

                                                     Barbara McRae

                                                         Nancy Scott

                                                    George S. Sweet, Jr.